Men’s Fellowship

The organization of the Men’s Ministry of the Baptist denomination dates back as far back as 1907 with the objective of supporting pastors by keeping them from “falling out” and to enhance general local church and Convention’s work to the glory of God.

Today, the Baptist Men’s Ministry is a group of consecrated men within a local church who are either 30 years or married under 30 years who seek to promote and enhance the work of the local church through mission and evangelism as well as be loyal to Christ and the church, become well informed, responsible followers of Christ and to make a lasting impact in every situation they find themselves.

The Men’s Fellowship of the Grace Baptist Church has programmes aimed at assisting the men to become more effective in evangelism; to make men well informed and balanced Christians; assist men in the face of challenging times; expose them to various stages of life’s responsibilities; and expose men to the dynamic Baptist Doctrines.

The Ministry is under the following leadership:

President                          Frank Adu-Yeboah

Vice-President                  Kennedy Mpesum

Secretary                         Peter Adu-Boahen

Financial Secretary           Kwesi Afriyie

Coordinator                      Kwaku Baako

Assistant Coordinator-       Eric Adu Gyamfi

Organizer                         George Antwi