Women’s Missionary Union

The Baptist Women’s Missionary Union is composed of women who pursue a Fellowship that is a light on the path of pilgrims, leading them to Goodness, Trust and Beauty.

My Women’s Fellowship stated that: “It will be if I am, it will be friendly. If I am, its pews will be filled, if I help to fill them, it will do a great work if I work, it will bring other people into its worship and fellowship. I bring them it will be a fellowship of loyalty and love, of fearlessness and faith, it I who make it what it is I am filled with these. Therefore I dedicated myself to the task of being what my women’s fellowship to be, by the Grace of the Lord. Amen!”

The Union is under the following leadership:

President                         Madam Christiana Owusu

Vice-President                 Mrs. Atta Gyimah

Secretary                        Mrs. Patricia Opoku Ameyaw

Assistant Secretary          Mrs. Lydia Adjei

Treasurer                         Mrs. Agnes Asante

Financial Secretary            Mrs. Esther Oppong